Agile Information Security

The definitive guide to dealing with security and thriving on change..



Verified Purchasers review Agile Information Security

“This is a short, easy-reading book that lightly covers the basics of both information security and agile (Scrum) and how they can be integrated effectively. Each section ties to a real-world example from the author's personal experience with an important government integration project, and the themes in those anecdotes are sadly quite familiar to those of us who work in information security on government projects. I encourage you to read this book and work in your own organizations to further the cause of making information security engineering a more agile process”

“A fantastic read that explains the importance of Scrum in a technical manner that is easy to understand. Although the book focused on Scrum in a security environment it is easy to see how it can be applied to all aspects of a business. My company has just started to implement Scrum so the timing of the book couldn't be better. I highly recommend it.”

“I purchased this book for graduate research and the information contained is fantastic and relevant for any IT professional. Definitely recommend this!!”